The Weepy Omelette EP

by Genre

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released October 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Genre Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: ROTO
it's good to be back, but we have to get goin'
i think they've picked up our tracks with the full moon glowin'
a few thousand in bars, i doubt that they'll miss it
it's good to be back, but they're comin' to get us

you try to build something that lasts but situations get stuck in the past
so there's no joy, there's no resolve
lost so much 'cos you wanted it all

don't try to reach back for the past, it won't help for something to last
there's a trail tonight and it's long
hope they write about us when we're gone
Track Name: Glassy
hey! there! you! stop!
what ya' doin', what ya' doin, what ya' doin?
hey! be! still! relax! give us peace, give us peace, we need sleep!

oh-ho, and we're diggin' a hole, tryin' to live on our own, can't even talk on the phone.

hey, why don't you wait in the car? there's things to be done. then we'll be on our way with the setting sun. on our way through the crowds. we're really beatin' the sand. we left those fuckers behind. you can't shake a closed-hand. (jesus christ, i can't see. what is happening to me? i've done this before but not so heavily. we're not even there but i'm already scared. oh my god!)

burning buildings lie in our wake!
the fear is real, what we see is fake!
you're freaking out, you're freaking out, you're freaking out man!

hey-eh, we're tunneling now. we want a simple escape but they're keepin' us round, in the ground.

the smell of smoke makin' us sick. checkin' out the back door. no way to pay for this. we can't pay for this. no way to pay for this. WE CAN'T PAY FOR IT! (the kitchen should lead to the parking garage so we run down the stairs, shades hide who we are. what an awful mistake, fear's replaced who we are. and the lights all go out before we get to the car!)
Track Name: Haunted
i'm sorry for whatever happened to you, but you can't just take it out on others, and we're the others, so mind your druthers.

an after-lifetime to say 'this is mine.' the conservation of energy. you're just emotions flowin' through us but we're still breathing, we're still free.

the bewitching hours come and things change. electronics failing, noises fill them. noises spill them. did they kill them?

an affirmation in your creation on the condition of saving face. your just a ghost now flyin' round us, but we're still grounded, this is our place.
Track Name: More Human Than Ever
the end? nothing has an end. but there's a day you'll die. accept and rejoice.

i grew up in a fairy-tale. but i've come to life; just not this life. this is just a song.

we are images, dreams and photographs, but we can't stay here, too strong a grasp.

break the illusion. real-life is waiting for us.