Scrape Your Voices on the Stars

by Genre

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"electronic, genre-bending rock from outer space, sent to Earth to liberate humanity and bring us all into the future"


released February 1, 2014




all rights reserved


Genre Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: East Coast Sunshine Blues
i've got a drastic urge, i think i broke my sleep, bed on the floor, head full of promises i couldn't keep. but i'm gonna try, it's always best to try. i met my family for the first time really, it's good to know you can be neurotic genetically. okay, no more lies. i don't want that life. but i still find myself submerged in hellish realms, i'd change my mind 1000 times till i've become someone else. someone at the gates, someone in outer space, somewhere higher than this place, i hope it's not too late. i wanna cut it out, i want a biopsy, performing tests on cells i think make up my jealousy. yeah, i'm insecure, but how is that a cure? i wanna transcend, repair my broken parts, ignore impulse inherited from our reptilian start. despite our bigger brains, we behave the same. i'm getting off that train, live on a higher plane.
Track Name: Just Go
there is something i seem to need, habits growing as i breathe, i call it love although it breaks me, on second thought, i fear it fakes me. on the list of things sought after: comes in grams or by the decanter. freezing time, i fall behind, a second guess, i'm changing my lines. no, oh no. reflection to a point of inability. stop, please go. timing wasn't made to be right. the rules are made, i wanna break 'em at my own pace. i've felt like a fool before, against my will, but nevermore. yes, oh yes. vibrations at a comfortable frequency. no false starts anymore, when i go it's the way it's meant to be. you just go, your assumptions are all wrong. thinking you know is a lock-up guarantee. the control is myth, man-made, you just go. don't be scared it's not real anyway.
Track Name: To See and Be Seen
this house is a fucking mausoleum, a collection of dead things and you've got blood on your hands and your thigh, just out of sight, so you can still see and be seen every night. maybe space is all that it takes, but when i'm alone, space is what reminds me of home. and i've lied to cops for most of my life; now i'm officer guilt, you just did what was right. but did it feel right?
Track Name: Siren
woke up with your song stuck in my head. it's just a dream, a stupid fantasy, but it feels like i'm still asleep and breaking old habits, seems the universe wouldn't have it any other way. did i give up for some shit i saw on the TV? oh well, i couldn't cage a soiled dove so i'm watching sirens out at sea.
Track Name: Cat Problems
line 'em up, shoot 'em off, try to live in the now but the moment gets lost when we know where all these lines go, tried to put up a fight, you just put on a show. i gave up, guess i lost, warmed the bench as a kid and i never got off; played the game, brought 'em home. scared to death at 13 of being alone. when fed the archetype, you dive right in, so why get close to you? you were right, you fucked up my life, tell the cats i still love them, i'll grab my shit when it's right. but for now, there's no where to lie down. i got the record player but i didn't get the house.
Track Name: Wyld Stallyn Music
find your balance, wear a leather jacket, push through your blocks, everything is shaped by what you're wanting. dye your hair, don a costume, don't change cos people say to, you embrace you. when i hear it's all fucked up, i can't help but laugh, do you think it's too late now to take a better path? (we wait, it's the hardest part. yeah, we wait. can't wait to start.) wasted lots of time but we did it right, so fucked up every single night. didn't wreck our lives, but we taxed our dreams, you know you gotta pay for pleasure. wanna change the world? why not change your mind? think it's black and white? why not walk the line? when life spits you out on the other side, breathe deep, it's only a ride. the past is gone, but you can change the future by living in the present. stop waiting, feels like it goes unspoken when no one talks about it. so you think you can dance? well i bet that it's true, 6 billion kids with nothing better to do on a saturday night, stuck in front of a screen, isolated like 'no one knows what i mean.' yeah, i've been there before, i don't wanna go back, living gray when we all grew up in the black. still the question remains if everything stays the same, how long till we all go completely insane?