Legendary Rock Act - the Demos

by Genre

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released June 3, 2016

recorded by Zac Markey, Corey Gomez and Trevor Denton.
mixed by Tim O'Sullivan
artwork by Hamster Labs



all rights reserved


Genre Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: Royal Plain 2
while morale is down, i'm up at 4 am
discerning miracles from sins

but from your inner space to the highest plane
the dance won't stop if the songs the same

you think you're really gonna change the world?
so what you crying for?
Track Name: Beatles Shirt
hey world, take a look at me
a student of magazines, the internet and tv
won't read a book, or watch movies

you've got a beatles shirt, you really give a shit
the working class needs a saint, do you know what he meant?
he said love would save us in the end

well i think that that's now, maybe it's just a hope
but while we're walking around, it's all just fear or it's dope
but somehow love will overcome

no ones rocking the boat, no ones raising the flag
while the parents stay home, the kids they want it so bad
please let something just happen

like the end of the world, or the end of our pain
while the centuries turn, the stories always the same
humans went and made it lame

but i still believe we could change the world
just refuse to step in line

you never think about the ones you subjugate
you know that meat is murder and i guess that dairy is rape
but that's our culture, so it's okay

and the ones who suffer for dress don't have clothes on their back
hope you like your new pair of shoes cos they were made in iraq
you're working minimum wage so you don't feel bad

but i'm still convinced we could save the world
see benevolence in the angry boys and girls who won't rest until everyone has what they need
transmute fear to love and equality from greed

that's the way that it goes
Track Name: Bad Neighbors
can't write a song without looking into the mirror
it's enough to make me sick, no key, no plan, you've just got yourself to kick

bad neighbors keep making noise, just a violent tone of voice, but we're no strangers to that kind of fight

i struggle everyday just to get back to the place where i came from, not of this world, but unlike a christian
i don't believe in hell, or sin, or jesus, i just believe in me
and i came here to set me free

i'm not alone, we're all over the planet, heavenly orphans, stuffed into sacks of bones and blood and organs

but when the good times come, you'll feel so young again
when it cools down, you'll miss the sun again

you've got a lot to learn, you've got a soul to earn - the last one
and when i die, they can't make me get back on that ride

my twisting mind keeps shutting down my instincts, my guts always churning
can't see it but i'm sure our future's burning

been scraping vocals cords across the galaxy, no messages returned
no revelations learned

but when we cross that line, we'll remember everything
missions, contracts signed like you were meant to finish this

so calm the fuck down now, be gracious in your bow - the last one
and when i die, they can't make me get back on that ride
Track Name: Tell Ya' Later
days, seconds, hours, it doesn't matter
when you're drinking a beer, watching mainly commercials
take all your problems, stack 'em up
how high they go, you'll never know

here, where no one knows what the fuck to do
after all this time, rushing around
the mindless hordes
so what's the answer? i'll tell you later

simple, true, right, misconstrued
got torn apart, forgotten virtue
still all there, just gotta want it
made so easy to turn it off, your mind is this

don't, don't settle down
if it's a war, we don't have to be losing
push, push it all
till there's nothing left, till we know what's later
Track Name: Riding the Tension
i thought you would've won by now
i thought you would've thrown around your weight
you said you had it figured out
but still you're always running late

and when a touch of something real comes, you'll have a reaction
and eventually devolve into a fatal attraction
it's a big-small town so everybody has got their faction
but the kids keep asking when is something new gonna happen?

got a ghost in the front yard, it hangs around my family tree
and it fills the empty space where a stump shows where it used to be

but my depression's just a symptom of my misplaced affection
and the years i spent wandering without any direction
since my accidents i haven't lapsed in paying attention
finally realized that you'll get by simply riding the tension
Track Name: Papago Psychic Chic
when i crossed the hill, the town rose up before me
i thought of you, your blood smeared on the wall
i swear i heard your voice inside my head, it echoed
"kid, you've gotta quit before you lose it all"

but i've been falling down like clockwork, see the stations
2000 years ain't taught us nothing new
so when the saddest phrase remains "i still remember"
i'll dream a telephone that could somehow talk to you

but when i finally wake up, i won't remember
just feel a little emptier inside that day
and when the night starts coming down, i'll fucking panic
and wish my demons get the hint they've overstayed
Track Name: Marines
so you've been on the road for three years or so
you feel so far away, but they say you're close, i know
and i keep having dreams, but i don't know what they mean
maybe just you're way of saying, "hey, i still exist, unseen"

in the liminal space, or a new baby
with eyes so wide but they won't hide all the scars deep underneath

you taught me regret and ways to forget
you never seemed much like a solider, but a brilliant poet
we'd climb on the roof with blunts and 40s too
but now you're just a ghost inside my head, don't even got the proof

that you still exist, or you weren't killed
your parents fight the government, but the battles been uphill

marines killed my friend, at camp pendleton
the code of honors long-forgotten, the one of silence never ends
Track Name: Gravity Bridge
i built a gravity bridge over patterns of light
i didn't know what to think by the end of the night
i built a rocket and flew a light year away
and when i came back to earth, all the people were gray

threw my hands into the air, the point of everything was there
collect your quarters if you care, make the world ugly if you dare

i dug a time travel hole to the end of the year
it gave me perspective as to why i am here
i'm here strictly cause of love, all the rest can go die
so go on, leave us alone, and let us survive

all the rest can go die
Track Name: Emo AF
i'm leaning on an old, fallen down fence
between past and future but somehow not present tense
well, i'm glad that you're gone and i wish you the best
but when i see you around, rips my heart out my chest

and all my old songs sound like a stranger singing
and he's scraping his voice till it's broken and thin

when ya' left, i was lost, the cops showed up that night
and i tried to forget, now i'm trying to get right
but it's not fair i see you at all of our shows
but in this modern world, think everybody knows

that life isn't fair and the planet's not nice
our tragedy moves as a godly device
and miracles are always too good to be real
and we come in and out through the spokes of a wheel

and when i crashed my car, you saw and crashed yours too, what a laugh
and your dad's funeral seemed so choreographed
and you hated my mom like i hated your past
some things we can't change, some things aren't built to last
Track Name: Cat Problems 2
well i packed up my car, and i said my goodbyes to you and your friends and our three little lions
and i put on the tape i turned into the theme of the end of our time, then the stoplight turned green

some dumb math will tell how long to heal the wounds, but when i see you around, it's always too soon
these sad movies help, and so do the songs, when i'm acting 'em out or singing along

like, i loved you more, than i ever loved anyone before, but not anyone to come
still, someone said your name, i thought of you alone, i was just the same, twenty blocks away

everyone looks like someone you know in the lonely dive bars with the lights red and low
and when i was a kid, i dreamt i could fly, but now i dream of red stars falling down from the sky

i pushed while you pulled, till we tore out the seams, and we called it life, but didn't know what that means
and now that it's dead, it's so clear to me, we were just insane, wasn't any other way
Track Name: Speak Now
well it happened just like pen pals, i got lost in all your letters
and i'd never wanna cage you, we could shine from the same vantage
and i know you've been mistreated, i've had my heart all but shattered
but i've pieced it back together, know you deserve so much

please always love yourself, it's your birthday, you could put your makeup back up on the shelf
you're changing the world
please always love yourself, it's your birthday, you could tell your painful past to go to hell

and i wish we'd met before you had a ring slipped on your finger, but the orchestra plays when it will, so i'll still fight for you favor
and i hope you see us playing, and i hope you pay attention, and i'm sorry if things get weird, but it seemed worthy to mention

please always love yourself, it's your birthday, you could put your makeup back up on the shelf
you're saving the world
please always love yourself, it's your birthday, you could be happy with somebody else
Track Name: Royal Plain
royal plain, just feign you're sane
7 days, still feel the same
i'm pretty sure i wasn't made for this world

buy the ticket, take the ride, wait for the train for your whole life
and when it comes, you'll be outside smoking

don't wanna talk about the past, knew as a kid, the good won't last
but just like my dad, i still took the fool's gold
some karmic debt, long overdue
sometimes the hardest thing to do is your only option

you think you're really gonna change the world?
so what you crying for?
it's so crowded inside your head, sounds like a civil war

ration like soldiers during war, a little bit will get you far
there's signs everywhere, and i keep on crying
it's hot again, who really cares?
with revolution in the air, i couldn't be more grateful

you think you're really gonna set 'em free?
that's what they're buying for
we're so tired of this slavery
something worth dying for